1. Industrial Automation

Rockfort Automation executes any kind of industry automation such as Textile Process, Boiler, Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant,Steel rolling Mill and Tannery..,etc.

We offer totally integrated solution package including AC Drive, Servo Drive, Motors, Gear Box, Encoders and sensors.ROCKFORT Industrial Automation

Our Technical Team keenly observe the existing
process study and submit feasibility / viability report, before to adopt the same.

We undertake Total Plant Automation, or Individual Machines Automation or equipment automation as per customer needs

We are timely upgrading our automation component like PLC, HMI /Touch Screen,SCADA and relevant materials, so we can be extract optimum result.

Our Automation Material which has one of the leading brand of Industry.

Further, we can automate any application as per client requirement or customize according to the customer needs.

2. Field Services : Any Brand Dyeing and  Finishing Machines.


  • The given Brand of Dyeing machinery’s Electronic and Mechanical Spares

Brozoli ,DMS,Fong’s,Sclavos,THEN,Thies,and

  • Finishing machinery Spares for Below mentioned manufacture’s Padder,Slit opener,Relax Dryer, Hot Air Stenter, Brushing and Suiding