The pressure boosting system normally it consists of one or more pumps are connected in parallel to maintain the settable Process pressure.Rockfort Automation Pressure Boosting System

                       We are supplying Fully automatic Pressure Booster system, the system delivers optimum results as per customer set pressure, the connected pumps will be starts concurrently depends on demands / until set pressure reaches.

A simple pressure transducer, connected to the VFD, monitors pump discharge pressure and varies motor speed accordingly. At the end power requirement will be reduced and power reduction will defiantly give savings of electricity bills

We provide very High Quality Pumps with fully integrated automatic panel, it ensures constant pressure to all distribution points.

Our Automatic Panel Includes the following features    

  • Fully PLC based Automatic Panel
  • User can be settable as per their pressure needs via Touch Screen.
  • All pumps connects with Variable Frequency Drive
  • Very Smooth operation without any Jerking / Hammer to the system, hence the life of the system will more.
  • High Durability Pressure Transmitter delivers very fast and reliable outputs to the Process Controller instantly.
  • Line Filter Integrated
  • It can monitor and control the operation as per customer needs
  • Low Running Cost
  • Energy Efficient Pumps Saves so much of energy
  • No Need Over Head Tanks
  • Any Capacity and Any Pressure can be design

      We have pointed few Application area under, but it can be usable to any application, i.e wherever uniform pressure requires.

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